4 DOPE HAIRSTYLES FOR BLACK WOMEN ON VACATION : #NappyHairSurvivalGuide Travel Edition


Let me say this...

Black girls have been RECLAIMING OUR VACATION TIME!!!

My Instagram page as well as salon schedule has been filled with beautiful back women on vacation! All summer 2017, black women have traveling all over the world. Whether it be a #BAEcation or the oh so classic #GirlsTrip! Seriously, I’ve been vicariously living through all of your photos!

With the growing number of black women (and men, too) going on vacations year, we have to discuss the number one concern we all deal with while traveling…


Choosing the right hairstyle to rock on vacation is crucial to the overall functionality for the duration of the trip. Your hair needs to be convenient, TSA- friendly and most of all, FLY! If you are the girl who loves to be adventurous or you are the girl who likes to be cute in the sand, there is a style for you!

As I mentioned before, my clients have been air-bound ALLLL SUMMER! So it’s only right that I give you examples of different hairstyles from none of than my special ladies on their vacations!!!



Beautiful Women Heather

Here is my beautiful client Heather! She travels quite often and this summer she took a vacation to beautiful Cuba! We decided to go with a crochet installation for this trip. She wanted to some versatility with her style without having to manipulate her own hair. Crochet hair comes in a variety of textures and patterns so the choice is yours!



black girls vacay Bri

black girls vacay bri 2

My client Bri looked stunning on her #BAEcation to Jamaica! Bri chose to wear her natural hair on her trip and her curls were literally GOALS!! We recently colored her hair to this amazing honey blonde and complimented it with her usual curly haircut! Whether she swims or goes out for a night on the town, her cut and color will always look flawless!



black girls vacay sequoya

This particular client of mine keeps me laughing on every single one of her visits! Can you guess who she is? LOL

Those of you who know her, I’m sure you have already figured it out!

Sequoya (2nd from the left) likes to swim so we did the growing popular tribal braids into a cute pony for her girls’ trip to Mexico! The added extensions will allow for the style to last a lot longer during many activities. This picture just screams “MELANIN!”  My other ladies are also pictured (Heyyyy Amanda and Jay Means!) who also opted for braids by other amazing hair artists here in Chicago! Seriously, braids are an instant go-to style for any vacation!



black girls vacay kaira

black girls vacay kaira 2

Last but certainly not least, my girl Kaira has seriously taken over my Instagram page! Her photos from her trip were LIT!!

She was attending a music festival in the big apple and she had to be fly for her girl Solange! She wanted a style that she can wake up and go during her vacation. She decided on the feed-in braids but with her own hair! The style turned out sooooooo cute! The pics she has taken on her trip has been even better!!!

As you can see, there are many options that us black girls can choose from for our vacations! Our hair shouldn’t stop us from enjoying life and making memories with the ones we love! I love that we are traveling the world and seeing what is outside of our boundaries!

Here are a few maintenance tips for us black girls on vacation!


Black girl vacay

What styles do you wear while you travel? Comment below!

With Love,

Cari Jayy